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August 5, 2009

Beginning of JUNOS

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1. First time login:

root@Junos% cli

2. Find network topic:

jc@Junos> help topic ospf area-backbone

3. View specific configuration information:

jc@Junos> help reference ospf area

4. Upgrade Junos software:

jc@Junos> show version brief
Hostname: Junos
Model: m10i
JUNOS Base OS boot [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M/T Common) [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M7i/M10i) [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Online Documentation [9.2-20090320.0]
JUNOS Routing Software Suite [9.2-20090320.0]

jc@Junos> request system software add jbundle-5.3R2.4-domestic-signed.tgz
(domestic -- security jcrypto)
(signed -- MD5)


jc@Junos> request system software add jbundle-5.3R2.4-domestic-signed.tgz reboot

5. Boot Sequence:

boot sequence

a. Display alert msg when booting from HD:

--- NOTICE: System is running on alternate media device (/dev/ad1s1a).

b. Backup Junos and other files to HD:

jc@Junos> request system snapshot

c. contact JTAC if boot from HD

6. About CLI:

jc@Junos> show cli
CLI complete-on-space set to on
CLI idle-timeout disabled
CLI restart-on-upgrade set to on
CLI screen-length set to 49
CLI screen-width set to 98
CLI terminal is 'xterm'
CLI is operating in enhanced mode
CLI timestamp disabled
CLI working directory is '/var/home/netops'

jc@Junos> show cli ?
Possible completions:
<[Enter]>            Execute this command
authorization        Show authorization and authentication information
directory            Show current working directory
history              Show list of previous commands
|                    Pipe through a command
jc@Junos> show cli | ?
Possible completions:
count                Count occurrences
display              Show additional kinds of information
except               Show only text that does not match a pattern
find                 Search for first occurrence of pattern
hold                 Hold text without exiting the --More-- prompt
last                 Display end of output only
match                Show only text that matches a pattern
no-more              Don't paginate output
request              Make system-level requests
resolve              Resolve IP addresses
save                 Save output text to file
trim                 Trim specified number of columns from start of line

7.   Restore old configuration:

a. When router commits a config, it also save the existing configuration to a file (up to 9).
b. Current active config => juniper.conf
c. most recent active config => juniper.conf.1.gz (file #1)

8. Redundancy:

a. by default, router doesn’t automatically enable the backup Routing Engine.

b. enable backup Routing Engine:

jc@Junos# set redundancy failover on-loss-of-keepalives

jc@Junos# show
redundancy {
    failover on-loss-of-keepalives;

c. keepalives:

1) If the backup Routing Engine fails to receive keepalives for 20 secs, it enters a message in the messages log file.

2) After 300 secs, default fail-over timer, backup Routing Engine attempts to assumes the master role for the router.

3) When it successed, an alarm is generated to notify you the master Routing failed.

jc@Junos# set redundancy keepalive-time 30

jc@Junos# show
redundancy {
    failover on-loss-of-keepalives;
    keepalive-time 30;

4) Both master and backup Routing Engine must be operating the same version of Junos.


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