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May 6, 2009

Linksys WRT54GS + Comcast Cable Modem Problem

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My Linksys wireless router  had stopped working correctly after I relocated. All my computers (both Windows and Mac) were still able to connect to the router, but could not reach the Internet.

I’ve found out my Linksys router couldn’t get WAN Internet IP with DHCP setting somehow.

1. Login Linksys wireless router admin page:  default ishttp://

2. Go to “Status” tab

3. I should see the IP Address in the section of “Internet” with the configuration type should be “DHCP”.

Well, mine IP address was Apprently, my device didn’t get an IP from the Comcast cable modem. I’ve reset my Linksys wireless router to default, but it was still not working. I had done some researching over web and found out many people had the similar problem, and I still wasn’t be able to fix my problem by the solution I found on the web. Thus, I had spend some time to troubleshoot and test, and finially fixed it. Here is the steps I’ve done:

1. Make sure the cable from Modem plugged into the router’s Internet port.

2. Connect an Ethernet cable from router port (1 – 4) to one of your computer (the one has web browser).

3. Make sure router is powered up.

4. Use a pen to push and hold down the “reset” button of the router for 30 seconds. This will reset the Linksys router.

5. Powercycle the router.

6. Login the admin page: with username: admin and password: admin

7. At “Setup” tab, go to sub-tab “Basic Setup” tab. Make sure the “Internet Connection Type” is: DHCP, and “DHCP server” should be: Enable

8. Go to “Mac Address Clone”, click “Enable” and click “Clone Your PC’s MAC”. And then save the change.

9. At “Security” tab, uncheck “Block Anonymous Internet Requests” for temporary. Save the change.

10. Unplug the router’s power cable.

11.Unplug the cable modem’s power cable. (For Comcast modem, please also remove the battery from the modem.)

12. Wait for 30 seconds, then plug modem’s power cable back and wait for its lights to stop blinking. (For Comcast modem, please put the battery back to modem.)

13. If there is a “standby” button on cable modem, please press the button. It’ll stop the blinking lights.

14. Plug in the Linksys router’s power cable once the cable modem’s lights stop blinking.

15. Test the Internet connection. It should work now.

16. Remember to check “Block Anonymous Internet Requests” in “Security” tab when done.


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    Linksys WRT54GS + Comcast Cable Modem Problem | Jaycee’s Study Notes

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