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May 3, 2009

Most useful show commands

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1. For management:

show version
Displays the IOS version, the available interfaces, the system uptime, the last reload reason, and the configuration register setting.

dir [filesystem]:
Views a long list of files in a filesystem.

verify [filesystem]:[image]
Verifies IOS.

2. For MAC:

show ip arp
Displays the entire ARP table, which is the MAC-to-IP resolution table.

show mac-address-table
Displays the entire MAC address table, including static and dynamic entries.

3. For IP routing:

show ip protocols
Displays information about the currently running routing protocols.

show ip route
Displays the entire IP route table.

show ip route summary

Displays the summary of the IP route table.

show ip traffic
An extensive summary of IP traffic statistics on the router.

4. For interfaces:

show ip interface
Displays a summary of each interface from the IP level.

show ip interface brief
Displays a very brief summary of each interface.

show interfaces description
Displays a description and a status of an interface.

5. For CDP:

show cdp neighbors
Assuming CDP enabled, this command reports of all Cisco devices that the current device is connected to.

show cdp neighbors detail
Gives more information about CDP neighbors.

6. For ACL:

show access-lists
Shows the all the currently configured access-lists, and the number of hits each line has received. You can use this information to better troubleshoot your access-lists.

show ip access-lists dynamic
Views the dynamic IP access lists.

show time-range
Displays information about configured time ranges.

7. For HSRP:

show standby
Displays HSRP information.

show standby brief
Displays limited HSRP information.

8. For VRRP:

show vrrp
Displays VRRP information.

show vrrp brief
Displays limited VRRP information.

9. For GLBP:

show glbp
Displays GLBP information.

show glbp brief
Displays limited GLBP information.

10. For tracking:

show track
Displays tracking information.

show track brief
Displays limited tracking information.

11. For BGP:

show ip bgp
Displays BGP information.

show ip bgp summary
Dispalys the summary of BGP information.

show ip bgp neighbors
Displays information about BGP and TCP connections to neighbors.

show ip route bgp
Displays the BGP IP route table.

12. For EIGRP:

show ip eigrp interfaces
Displays information about interfaces configured for EIGRP.

show ip eigrp neighbors
Displays the neighbors discovered by EIGRP.

show ip eigrp topology
Displays entries in the EIGRP topology table.

13. For OSPF:

show ip ospf interface
Displays OSPF-related inferface information.

show ip ospf neighbor
Displays OSPF-neighbor information on a per-interface basis.

show ip ospf database
Displays lists of information related to the OSPF database for a specific router.

show ip ospf border-routers
Displays the internal OSPF routing table entries to an ABR and ASBR.

show ip ospf virtual-links
Displays parameters and the current state of OSPF virtual links.

14. For IS-IS:

show clns|isis neighbor
Displays both ES and IS neighbors.

show clns|isis interface
Lists the CLNS-specific information about each interface.

show isis database
Displays the IS-IS link-state database.

show isis spf-log
Displays how often and why the router has run a full SPF (shortest path first) calculation.

15. For IPSec:

show crypto isakmp sa
Displays current IKE(Internet Key Exchange) SAs(security associations).

show crypto isakmp policy
Displays the parameters for each IKE policy.

show crypto ipsec sa
Displays the settings used by current SAs.

show crypto ipsec transform-set
Displays the configured transform sets.

16. For Multicast:

show ip igmp group
Displays the multicast groups that are directly connected to the router and that were learned via IGMP.

show ip igmp interface
Displays multicast-related information about an interface.

show ip igmp snooping
Displays snooping configuration.

17. For MPLS:

show mpls interfaces
Displays information about one or more or all interfaces that have been configured for label switching.

show mpls ldp neighbors
Displays the status of LDP (Label Distribution Protocol) sessions.

show mpls ldp bindingsDisplays the contents of the LIB (Label Information Base).

show mpls forwarding-table
Displays the contents of the MPLS LFIB (Label Forwarding Information Base).

show ip cef
Displays entries in the FIB (Forwarding Information Base) or to display a summary of the FIB.

18. For QoS:

show plicy-map
Displays the configuration of all classes for a specified service policy map or of all classes for all existing policy maps.

show mls qos
Displays MLS (Multilayer Switching) QoS information.

19. For VLANs:

show vlan
Views VLAN subinterfaces.

show interface status
Displays the interface status or a list of interfaces in an error-disabled state on LAN ports only.

show interface switchport
Displays the administrative and operational status of a switching (nonrouting) port.

show interface trunk
Displays the interface-trunk information.

show vtp status
Displays the VTP domain status.

show vtp password
Displays the VTP domain password.

20. For Spanning-tree:

show spanning-tree
Displays information about the spanning-tre state.


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