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January 30, 2009

VLAN Trunking Protocol

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1. VTP is a means whereby — VLAN names and numbers can be managed at central devices, with the resulting configuration distributed automatically to other devices.

2. VTP allows VLAN configurations to be managed on a single switch.
=> Changes then propagated to every switch in the VTP domain

(1) The main idea of VTP is that changes are made on VTP servers.
(2) Changes are propagated to VTP clients, and any other VTP servers in the domain.
(3) VTP transparent switch receives and forwards VTP updates, but does not update its configuration.

a. Some switches default to VTP server, while others default to VTP transparent.
b. VLANs cannot be locally configured on a switch in client mode.

3. A switch can only be in one VTP domain; the VTP domain is null by defult.

4. Switches with mismatched VTP domains will NOT negotiate trunk protocols.



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