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January 26, 2009

BGP aggregate-address command

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1. To create an aggregate entry in a BGP routing, use the aggregate-address command in address family or router configuration mode.

aggregate-address address mask [as-set] [summary-only] [suppress-map map-name] [advertise-map map-name] [attribute-map map-name]

2. When the aggregate-address command is used within BGP routing, the aggregated address is advertised, along with the more specific routes.

The exception to this rule is through the use of the summary-only command. The “summary-only” keyword suppresses the more specific routes and announces only the summarized route.

*BGP aggregate-address command

2. Using the as-set argument creates an aggregate address with a mathematical set of autonomous systems (AS). This as-set summarizes the AS_PATH attributes of the all of the individual routes. This can be useful to avoid routing loops while aggregating routes.

Again, unless the “summary-only” keyword is used with the as-set command the summary route is advertised along with the more specific routes.


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