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November 19, 2008

Reset BGP connections

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1. Reset BGP connections:

# clear ip bgp *
It impacts all other links as BGP will re-create routing table from scratch as like rebooting the router.

# clear ip bgp A.B.C.D soft out
It makes changes in outbound policy

# clear ip bgp A.B.C.D soft in
It makes changes in inbound policy


2. Displays neighbor information for all address display BGP and TCP connection information for neighbor sessions:

# show ip bgp neighbors
For BGP, this includes detailed neighbor attribute, capability, path, and prefix information. For TCP, this includes statistics related to BGP neighbor session establishment and maintenance.

# show ip bgp neighbors A.B.C.D advertised-routes
Displays all routes that have been advertised to neighbors.


3. Display the status of all BGP connections:

# show ip bgp summary


4. Disable or enable fast external fallover for BGP peering sessions with directly connected external peers. The session is immediately reset if link goes down. Only directly connected peering sessions are supported.

bgp fast-external-fallover

no bgp fast-external-fallover

If BGP fast external fallover is disabled, the BGP routing process will wait until the default hold timer expires (3 keepalives) to reset the peering session.

In the following example, the BGP fast external fallover feature is disabled. If the link through which this session is carried flaps, the connection will not be reset.

Router(config)# router bgp 50000

Router(config-router)# no bgp fast-external-fallover



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